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Real-time threads created as an INtime application guaranteed to run pre-empting Windows threads. I cannot install INtime on PC. Using the bit clock counter in the CPU, you can measure processing time as fine as nanosecond resolution, in which you can get the highest resolution. Processes of INtime applications start by making this a trigger. How do you take measures to meet a version-up of Windows? Immediately after the start of the service, INtime takes over the control and put all of the Windows processes as one of a real-time thread at the lowest priority. Is there any method to measure the processing time?

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The extended boards marketed for Windows You can access to these board via Windows.

And the interrupt thread will come back from WaitForRtInterrupt. In addition, real-time access cannot be performed. What is the difference on real-time performance between Windows and INtime? Memory access both in INtime applications and Windows applications uses the 3c595 tx windows xp CPU command in order to access memory.

Programming Let me know the required minimum process in the interrupt handler. It cannot be change. At the very first stage, INtime is introduced as a Windows’ service. We have been making efforts so that we can provide customers with information for comfortable development. Are there any references for development? If one of the above HAL is set on Windows, installation may fail because the earlier version of INtime doesn’t support them.


I want 3c595 tx windows xp shutdown Windows from a real time application.

For more information, see TenAsys’s page. You can access objects such as 3c595 tx windows xp 3c55mail box, semaphore if you let Windows applications use this library. This memory image must be saved while the real time kernel of INtime does not run.

Generally speaking, the process of Windows applications in INtime solution is, as above mentioned, firstly get the handle of “root process”, next get the object handle of a target based on the 3c595 tx windows xp process handle, then use ” NTX API ” by which you 3c595 tx windows xp access the objects.

Therefore please pay attention to this point. On and after INtime Version 3. Immediately after the start of the service, INtime takes over the control and wincows all of the Windows processes as one of a real-time thread at the lowest priority. That is, any original real-time application can operate on various boards.

Although the turn around time response speed of Windows could be improved by using high-speed CPU, it does not necessarily mean that it is approaching to real-time control. On Visual Studio development environment, INtime can do run debug of real time applications which are on real time kernel. The following system calls dp our recommendation that is proven safe winxows use. You can visually measure the processing time as fine as microsecond resolution. Response speed of Interrupt: There are sample programs which use NTX.

Can we develop by Visual Basic? INtime is flexibly compliant to any of these configuration. TenAsys has been awarded the Windows Embedded Partner of the Year, as 3c595 tx windows xp as past 2 years’ awards. Edit source codes 1. Consequently, you can use your current system on INtime for another 10 years. Is it possible to use INtime on network? Will Micronet provide maintenance support?


As far as hardware concerns, there is no solution in which a certain model keeps available in market for 10 years or so. Here is an example of vector and vectorarray as follows. Copyright C Micronet Co. However, if you need to do accurate controls such as microsecond precision, there is a possibility 3c595 tx windows xp being influenced by some factors. You operate a display side in Windows applications, then semaphore is notified.

Some ANSI functions or system calls are not deterministic, that is, they may degrade real-time performance because they have to synchronize 3c595 tx windows xp Widows.

One phase is standard Windows processes such as graphical interfaces, files access, access to standard 3c595 tx windows xp functions. However, this real-time is mere “real-time for person”, and the accurate “real-time” for a machine is not considered.

Regarding how to make your new applications, please make a reference to the following related item Basic for INtime Application Development Please take the followings into consideration in order to make INtime applications.

Is there any function replaceable with the event hx of Windows system? The real time performance of Windows varies with complexity depending on various factors such as applications, drivers, operations.

Micronet Company : INtime Related Product

Which system calls 3c595 tx windows xp I use in the interrupt handler? When a thread is created by SetRtInterruptHandler call as an interrupt thread, INtime kernel sets a priority according to the interrupt level. In addition, we can do entrusted development for value for developing INtime device drivers APIs for device access in INtime instead of customers.

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See the TenAsys’s page for ” Dual-core Enhancements “. Possible if you can call NTX. When exceeding this maximum, we recommend you to catalog the handle of the memory block, and to let application manage many objects on the memory. Therefore, Micronet is also in good relation winvows Microsoft attending to various exhibitions in co-operation.

What is “porting” of Windows applications”? Therefore there are no differences in this performance. Is there any possibility that INtime comes under the influence of Windows? Using the bit clock counter in the 3cc595, you 3c595 tx windows xp measure processing time as fine as nanosecond resolution, in which you can get the highest resolution.

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