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Watson Jul 28 ’13 at Watson Aug 11 ’13 at This is probably due to a too recent version of libusb. RPMs from Brother web site. From this step, the printer’s network address can be obtained which is needed for CUPS in the next step. This printer works seamlessly with my Apple MacBook, but it is not working with my linux computer.

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Note If xsane was not installed yet, install it, then add brother cups printer as priinter option to the previous command to reinstall the driver. Alternatively, layman can be used for adding the repository.

Sign up or log brother cups printer Sign up using Google. If the printer is supported by an ebuild in the brother-overlay ebuild repository or some brother cups printer ebuild repositorythe ebuild should be used, as it usually contains all the prerequisites mentioned here. The generic CUPS postscript driver is compatible with this printer and doesn’t have these issues, but also lacks several configuration settings from the proprietary driver.

Also, couldn’t hurt to determine if it’s a network issue by doing a nc to the correct port on The Add Printer button will brother cups printer the networked printer s starting at the Discovered Network Printers line. When pointing the browser to the printer’s network address it will go to the printer’s brother cups printer interface.

I would hope their commercial line of printers has better support. Of course, I really should’ve expected that.


priter The issue, I think, is not the brother cups printer center on the Mac side, but the Did not test USB, only network. However, whenever I submit a print job or brother cups printer just try to print a test page, I always get back “printer status busy”. Note Do not forget the –replacepkgs option to force the re-installation of all the necessary files.

The brother cups printer for Brother printers are available at Brother solutions’ web page. These can be compiled by the user, or — even easier — obtain a pre-compiled version glibc i from rpmfind. Printer works through brother cups printer, but not through lpd protocol. This page contains changes which are not marked for translation. Once all of these instructions have been successfully performed, the printer should work as intended!

macOS High Sierra Support Statement

Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Brorher While this page should be self-sufficient to install a printer, it is recommended to read this page and the Printing page in their entirety before starting the installation. As most users will use xsane to scan a document, just emerge it. Sign up using Facebook. How can I further brother cups printer and isolate what the problem is?

Printer: Brother HL-LD series | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

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Brother cups printer should be brother cups printer to look up the printer and see how it’s configured in CUPS on the MacBook, and configuring the printer the same way on your Fedora 18 box should give it a much better chance of working.

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brother cups printer Try to add the missing directories by hand and re-install the driver with this command:. Theoretically, your printer could be set up with the same type of discovered local-net address on the Linux side — labeled dns-sd: There may be a very simple solution to this. Sign up using Email and Password.

Printer: Brother HL | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

The printer driver uses statically compiled x86 bit binaries. From this step, the printer’s network address can be obtained brother cups printer is needed for CUPS in the next step. Though not really an indicator that I needed to use the lpd protocol, after reading the log files on my machine, it looked like it was trying to print via USB, and because it could not find the printer plugged into a USB port, the print jobs just sat in brother cups printer queue.

Check the setup with lpstat:. Scanner config command is brsaneconfig3.

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